Participating PACE Lenders

The City of Milwaukee operates an open market PACE program in which any lender can fund projects. The City issued a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) to prospective PACE lenders to determine willingness and ability to lend in Milwaukee according to local ordinance and program rules. The following lenders responded to the RFQ, indicating an ability to lend in Milwaukee.

Please contact the lenders directly for more information on their terms and application processes.

Lender Primary Contact Phone Email Address Website

Direct Construction Financing Available

Minimum Project Size Additional Underwriting Headquarters
Blue Path Financing, LLC Michael Cox (415) 549-0742  Yes $150,000 Yes San Francisco, CA
CCG PACE Funding, LLC Paul Hoffman (310) 335-2040 No $1,000,000 Yes El Segundo, CA
Clean Fund LLC Greg Saunders (415) 256-8000 No $750,000 Yes Sausalito, CA
Enhanced Pace Finance LLC Ian McCulley (917) 533-7778 Yes $500,000 Yes New York, NY
Greenworks Lending Genevieve Sherman

(917) 968-0948 Yes $175,000 Yes Darien, CT
PACE Equity Beau Engman (414) 301-2328 Yes $75,000 Yes Milwaukee, WI
PACE Loan Group Rafi Golberstein (612) 384-0253 No $500,000 Yes Minneapolis, MN
Twain Financial Partners Erik Lintvedt (314) 300-4201 No $1,000,000 Yes Saint Louis, MO


If you are interested in becoming a PACE lender in Milwaukee, respond at any time to our Request for Qualifications.

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