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Environmental Sustainability Program Manager

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Operational & Maintenence Support

Teaching You How to Operate Your Building

Long-term energy efficiency benefits require more than benchmarking and an energy assessment. O&M Support allows you to further understand your building operations and build off of these initial activities.

You'll receive a list of energy efficiency measures, with guidance on how to best implement each one, as well as assistance in settin gefficiency goals, prioritizing the recommendations provided in the assessment report, and preparing an action plan to address any areas of deficiencies that were identified. In addition, to set you on a path for continuous improvement, you’ll learn how to integrate efficiency into your standard operating procedures and how to engage building occupants and educate them on how their occupancy impacts building performance and how they can support efforts you’re taking at the building level by how they occupy their individual space.

For a limited time, you can receive this support through the funding provided by the U.S. Department of Energy.


  • Learn how to use ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager™ as a tool to manage your utilities.
  • Learn how to turn your assessment report into an action plan.
  • Learn how to document your building operating plan, systems narrative and sequence of operations.
  • Learn how to integrate efficiency deeper into your operations.
  • Learn how to educate and engage your building occupants on efficiency and how they can contribute to and benefit from supporting building efficiency initiatives.

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