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The Better Buildings Challenge - Milwaukee program is proud to partner with Focus on Energy to provide incentives to businesses to reduce the implementation costs of energy projects. Focus on Energy helps Wisconsin businesses lower their operational costs and improve their bottom line through energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. As part of the assessments provided by the Better Buildings Challenge to qualifying buildings, you will be introduced to the incentives available for your personalized recommendations and a Focus on Energy Advisor will reach out to you to help you navigate the available incentives for projects that you pursue.

In addition to Focus on Energy incentives, there can be federal tax incentives for energy efficiency upgrades in commercial buildings, making these projects even more profitable.


  • Improve bottom line by investing in energy efficiency
  • Make energy-saving projects more cost-effective by lowering initial project implementation and investment costs
  • Easy to use prescriptive incentives on standard energy-saving equipment
  • Ability to develop custom incentives for more complex projects
  • Assistance evaluating quotes to receive the most money back
  • Potential tax incentives for investing in your property

Eligible Properties

Focus on Energy has resources tailored to a wide range of property and building types, including new construction:


Next Steps

  • Contact the Better Buildings Challenge to see if you qualify for an assessment to receive personalized recommendations and incentives
  • Learn more about the incentives available for your business by clicking the links above or exploring the available Focus on Energy programs below
Design Assistance Designers, Architects, Building Owners, Developers New Construction (Any Type)
Business Incentive Program Businesses with average peak monthly electric demand up to 1,000 kW Medium-Sized Industrial Facilities, Commercial Spaces, and more
Small Business Businesses with average monthly consumption of 40,000 kWh or less during July & August Churches, Day Cares, Restaurants, Small Hotels, Laundromats, Offices, Strip Mall Tenants, and more
Agriculture, Schools & Government Agriculture, school, and government facilities with average peak monthly electric demand up to 1,000 kW Agricultural Producers, Tribes, Federal, State, County, & Municipal Entities, K-12 Schools, Colleges & Universities
Multifamily Energy Savings Multifamily Properties (4+ units): Owners, Manager, Maintenance Staff Apartments, Condos, Student Housing
Large Energy Users Large businesses with average peak monthly electric demand over 1,000 kW Large Industrial Facilities, Healthcare Facilities, Universities, Wastewater Facilities, and more


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