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Energy Assessments


A good first step to understanding the best ways to make your building more energy efficient is to have an energy assessment performed. An energy assessment identifies energy-saving opportunities in your building that can improve your building value, decrease operating costs, and make your tenants and employees more comfortable.

Assessments vary in their level of detail, but in general an assessment examines all of the major pieces that affect energy consumption in a building including utility bill analysis (usually through benchmarking), an on-site walkthrough of the building to gather information on all energy using systems and equipment, and review of building plans and schedules. The results of the walkthrough and level of analysis depend on the level of the assessment conducted and are compiled in a report detailing potential improvements and potentially savings and cost analysis. The goal of the report is to provide a roadmap of potential cost-effective projects and their impact on a building's energy use.


  • Better understanding of how your building uses energy and how to reduce waste
  • Receive personalized recommendations for cost-effective energy projects
  • Report can be used as a road map for current and future projects and their impact on building energy use

Eligible Properties

  • Class B&C Office Space
  • Small Commercial Buildings
  • K-12 Schools

Next Steps

  • Connect with a Participating Contractor to schedule your own assessment


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