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Occupant Engagement

The Occupant Engagement award highlights the building team that has done the best job in communicating their energy efficiency goals and initiatives to their tenants or other occupants and has engaged their occupants to implement initiatives within their individual leased spaces (where applicable) to support the building goals and initiatives. Teams are self-nominated.

Judging Criteria
Occupant Engagment Judging Criteria
Criteria Weight


Description of the building's tenant/occupant engagement program and efforts - may include

  • Communication of defined goals
  • Measures required or suggested for implementation to reach defined goals (ex. clause in lease documents, etc.)
  • Examples of tenant/occupant communications about the building's energy efficiency goals and initiatives and encouraging energy efficient behavior
  • Examples of tools/resources/building-sponsored programs provided to tenants/occupants to engage them in building-wide initiatives and assist them in implementation of energy efficiency measures


Documentation of how occupant engagement contributed to energy, water, and waste reductions in the building



Nomination application is clear, complete, and provides compelling information



2017 Winner

Highland Community School

Award accepted by Mike Casper, Director of Facilities & Maintenance and Mike Steiner, Science & Natural Grounds Coordinator.

As Mike Casper puts it, he is leading his mini revolution to change the world by showing their students how things can be done better and questioning the status quo outside of Highland Community School’s walls. Mike always takes time to explain to the children why light bulbs are being replaced with more efficient ones, and the importance of turning off unused lights and computer monitors, and printing test items before printing large batches, in case it is wrong. He plans to implement signage and kiosks as they move forward with their energy projects.

Mike Steiner led the Solar Education Cart project for the students. The project was funded by Arts@Large and created by students - from researching solar energy, creating 3D models, and building the final product. The cart is complete and is used to power the system created to pump the rainwater captured from their hoop houses for irrigation of plants. It is mobile and can function as an outdoor classroom.


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