ReEnergize Milwaukee 2017 Nominations

The ReEnergize Milwaukee 2017 Annual Awards & Celebration has six award categories, three of which are self-nominated. Please review the award descriptions and eligibility requirements and make your nominations for the following awards:

  • Energy Efficiency Project of the Year
  • ReEnergizer of the Year
  • Occupant Engagement

You may make one nomination per category on one form. If you nominate in more than one category, the nominations do not need to be for the same participant. If you would like to make multiple nominations for a category, you will fill out a new form for each.

If you have any questions or difficulties in submitting your nominations, please send an email to

Nominator Information

Please fill out the information below so that we may contact you if there are any questions on your nominations.

Phone Number  


Are you connected with the project(s)/participant(s) that you are nominating? Yes No

If so, please explain your connection

The Energy Efficiency Project of the Year highlights individual projects that display innovation and a high impact on energy use relative to investment. Please fill out the information below as completely as possible to ensure accurate review by the panel of judges. Where possible, information provided will be compared against information provided in ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager®.

Participant/Building Information

Which participant completed the project

Project Street Address

Project City

Project Information

Project Completion Date

Project Category

Please describe the project in as much detail as possible, including

  • Description of equipment/project implemented - please include numbers when available (ex. # of LED lights installed, etc)
  • Description of equipment being replaced (if applicable)
  • How the project impacted the building's energy use and operational efficiency
  • If the project was part of a larger project, please describe how the individual project fit into the larger project

Approximate Project Cost

Did the project utilize Focus on Energy incentives? Yes No Unsure

If so, what was the value of the incentives received? $

Did the project utilize any other incentives? Yes No Unsure

Expected/realized energy savings (if known)

Expected/realized cost savings (if known)

Please describe any new and innovative technology that this project utilized

Were any locally manufactured technologies/equipment used in this project? Yes No

If so, please describe them, including the manufacturer and their location

Which contractor(s) was used to implement this project?

Company Location

Is there any other information that you would like to share about the project? Please include any information on how this project impacts the triple-bottom line (examples: people: occupant comfort/satisfaction, planet: additional environmental impacts from the project/building (water, waste, etc.), economy: impact on surrounding area, job creation, etc.)

The ReEnergizer of the Year recognizes leaders that often work behind the scenes. This award recognizes exceptional facility managers, building engineers, and others that successfully lead their team in going above and beyond to manage building operational efficiency, seek out energy reduction projects, and implement tenant engagement strategies to reduce energy use in their building.

Nominee Information

Phone Number

Which participant(s) is the nominee connected to? If connected to more than one, please list them all.

Please describe the nominee's role/duties.

Does the nominee have any relevant certifications? Yes No Unsure

If yes, please list the certifications here:

Additional Information

Please describe the energy efficiency projects that the nominee has implemented and any significant results.

How does the nominee pursue the mission and goals of the Better Buildings Challenge and relay the importance of these goals to other staff, contractors, building owners, tenants, etc?

Has the nominee attended any Better Buildings Challenge events? Yes No Unsure

If yes, please list the events here:

How does the nominee work to increase their knowledge of energy efficiency?

How does the nominee integrate energy efficiency into decision-making processes and actively pursue energy efficiency upgrades?

Is there anything else you would like us to know about the nominee and why you think they should be recognized by this award?

Building Information

Which building are you nominating for their occupant engagement?

Building Street Address

Building City

Please list the team members involved in occupant engagement for the building you are nominating.

Team Member Name Role

Additional team members and roles:

Please list any tenants that have been active in improving their energy efficiency.

Occupant Engagement Information

Please describe the building's occupant engagement program, including but not limited to

  • Communication of energy efficiency goals, including examples of this communication
  • Energy efficiency measures required or suggested to occupants
  • Tools, resources, and programs provided to occupants to engage them in building-wide initiatives

Please provide any results in energy, water, or waste reduction that can be attributed to occupant engagement and behavior change.

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