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Washington Park

The Washington Park NID is dedicated to the many families that call Washington Park home.  The neighborhood abounds with housing opportunities and a few unique local businesses and restaurants.  The park offers a beautiful amphitheatre that hosts a summer concert series. The original branch of the Urban Ecology Center is also located in the park and offers equipment to enjoy nature to garden as well as multipe learning opportunities and events.  The park is also situated next to the Washington Park branch of the Milwaukee Public Library.


NID Contact

Phoua Vang - NID Manager

3940 W Lisbon Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53208

2018 Operating Plan

Phone: (414) 344-1818


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(NID 3 Email Contact, Operating Plan and Map)


Contact Us

Commercial Corridor Team
809 N. Broadway
Room 104
Milwaukee, WI 53202  

(414) 286-8201


Commercial Corridor Team

Photo of Kenneth Little
Kenneth Little
Commercial Corridor Manager
(414) 286-5617

Photo of Natanael Martinez
Natanael Martinez
Economic Development Specialist
(414) 286-5813
Hablo Español

Photo of Mantavius Jones
Montavius Jones
Economic Development Specialist
(414) 286-0793

Photo of Sierra Starner-Heffron
Sierra Starner-Heffron
Economic Development Specialist
(414) 286-0739

Photo of Terence
Terence Acquah
Economic Development Specialist
(414) 286-5849