Titan Training - Introduction

Updating Content - Standard vs Linked

In Titan, there are two types of pages, Standard or Linked, each with distinct content management processes:

Standard Page

For a Standard page, the content is "manually" added and edited in the workstation. Content includes text, images, links, charts and tables, etc.

You add and edit content in the Center Zone and Right Zone of your page via Block editors.

In the Site Map, a "Page" icon is used to identify Standard pages:

Screenshot of Standard Page icon in Titan

Linked Page

There are three types of Linked pages

1. Link to an External webpage created by a non-City of Milwaukee organization or business

2. Link to a PDF document

3. Link to another City of Milwaukee department's page

In the Site Map, a "Chain Link" icon is used to identify Linked pages:

Screenshot of Linked Page icon in Titan

As necessary, you can switch your link to a different External webpage, PDF document or City of Milwaukee department page.

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