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Tenant Screening

  • Tenant Screening: Are you doing enough?
  • Are you having problems finding good tenants?
  • Are you tired of doing evictions and clean ups?
  • Would you like to increase your probability of finding goo tenants?
  • Would you like to do so at no cost to you?

Attend the City of Milwaukee's FREE Landlord Training Program and LEARN:

How to run FREE Credit Reports: Under Wis. State Law, you can charge a prospective tenant the actual cost (up to $20) for obtaining a "Consumer Credit Report". For details attend the class or look it up under the URL of:

Learn how and why to do Criminal Background Checks: Take a look at this web site for past evictions, judgements etc..

To see if a person is on the Sex offender registry visit this site

Sexual Offender Registry

Are you checking an applicants past rental behavior? Are you sure you are talking o the landlord or just someone fronting as the landlord? Know for sure. Check the City of Milwaukee Property Registration site for the Department of Neighborhood Services Ownership information at: Click on Property Data and then enter the address or the Landlords of Business Name.

To see a current listing of available classes CLICK HERE->LTP Schedule

To register for a class leave an E-mail message and be sure to include your name and telephone number where you can be reached during the day and the dates of the session you prefer.

CLICK HERE-> LTP Jeanne Hagner Program Registrations.

The Landlord Training Program is paid for by Community Development Block Grant Funds.

Last Update 10/30/12