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Tenant Screening: Are you doing enough?

Are you having problems finding good tenants?

Are you tired of doing evictions and clean ups?

Would you like to increase your probability of finding goo tenants?

Would you like to do so at no cost to you?

Attend the City of Milwaukee's FREE Landlord Training Program and LEARN:

How to run FREE Credit Reports: Under Wis. State Law, you can charge a prospective tenant the actual cost (up to $20) for obtaining a "Consumer Credit Report". For details attend the class or look it up under the URL of:

Learn how and why to do Criminal Background Checks: Take a look at this web site for past evictions, judgements etc..

To see if a person is on the Sex offender registry visit this site

Sexual Offender Registry

Are you checking an applicants past rental behavior? Are you sure you are talking o the landlord or just someone fronting as the landlord? Know for sure. Check the City of Milwaukee Property Registration site for the Department of Neighborhood Services Ownership information at: Click on Property Data and then enter the address or the Landlords of Business Name.

To see a current listing of available classes CLICK HERE->LTP Schedule

To register for a class leave an E-mail message and be sure to include your name and telephone number where you can be reached during the day and the dates of the session you prefer.

CLICK HERE-> LTP Jeanne Hagner Program Registrations.

The Landlord Training Program is paid for by Community Development Block Grant Funds.



Last Update 10/30/12