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Strong Neighborhoods Plan


Move City-owned property back into occupancy and private ownership, through a number of traditional and innovative efforts.

  1. Sales and marketing
    Active marketing to sustainable owners of City-owned property, both through the City’s Real Estate office as well as with private residential and commercial brokers.
  2. Incentive loans for buyers
    Offer favorable-term matching loans to buyers of City property to assist in rehab. These programs are available for owner-occupant buyers as well as investors and landlords.
  3. Lease-To-Own
    When the City forecloses on a landlord, the tenants in that property may be able to buy the property with City assistance. The City’s lease-to-own effort gives tenants up to 2 years to complete this process.
  4. Challenge Fund & Large Redevelopment
    Sale and rehab of City-owned property in large numbers (15+ properties) utilizing a combination of private financing, City financing and contributions, and financing sources such as tax credits.
  5. Housing Help - webpage tool
    The City of Milwaukee offers a variety of resources and incentive programs to help homebuyers, current homeowners, investors and non-profit organizations. Use this tool to filter available resources tailored to you.

City of Milwaukee Strong Neighborhoods Plan
   Let's work together to build a stronger Milwaukee.

Housing Resource Guide for Homeowners and Homebuyers

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