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RENEWAL Goal: Re-use 100+ lots and sell 100+ lots

Use the City’s vacant lot inventory and City-owned property to add value, support redevelopment, and assist City residents seeking employment.

  1. Vacant lot sales
    Excepting planned redevelopment sites and commercial lots, open up sales of vacant lots to adjacent owners, particularly mid-block lots in older, denser parts of the city.
  2. Vacant lot re-use
    Use City-owned residential lots in collaboration with neighborhood and development groups as a tool to:
    create community space, support urban agriculture, mitigate stormwater, and create incremental community improvements
  3. Employment & local business
    Use City-owned property and other Plan activities as a means or component to encourage skill training, help City businesses grow, and support growing sectors in the local economy.

City of Milwaukee Strong Neighborhoods Plan
   Let's work together to build a stronger Milwaukee.

Vacant Lot Beautification

As part of the Strong Neighborhoods Plan, many City-owned vacant lots were improved in 2014 and 2015.

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