Strong Neighborhoods Plan

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MITIGATE Goal: Meet cost-effectiveness and maintenance standards

Activities are focused on reducing the impact and blight of vacant or abandoned properties on neighborhoods. Key efforts include:

  1. Management of City-owned property
    When the City owns a property, it assumes the responsibility of any owner: mowing grass, shoveling snow, and maintaining the property. Maintenance of City-owned property costs more than $3 million per year, and is an unglamorous but critical part of keeping neighborhoods stable and facilitating redevelopment.
  2. Demolition
    When any property qualifies for demolition, the City will demolish those that present the greatest risk to life, safety, and health. Demolition is a necessary last resort in many cases and provides a quick cure for blight and removes property that attracts crime and nuisance activity.
  3. Deconstruction & salvage
    Demolition creates debris that typically goes to a landfill. Not only is this expensive, but in some cases puts high quality or re-usable materials in the trash. Deconstruction and salvage reduce landfill volume and disposal cost, and puts building and architectural material back into use.


MKE Mobile Action App

Residents can use MKE Mobile Action to locate, photograph and provide supporting information to ensure speedy resolution of issues. Issues that can be reported include Abandoned Vehicles, Graffiti, Litter, Potholes or other issues.


You must have a GooglePlay or Apple ID to download the app.

Download from App Store

MKE Mobile

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Search terms:

  • MKE Mobile Action
  • Milwaukee Mobile
  • Milwaukee UCC
  • Milwaukee Services

MKE Mobile Action functions from any place your device has data capabilities. A WiFi connection is not required, but it is recommended.

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  Where can I find the MKE Mobile app?

The MKE Mobile app can be downloaded from the Google Play store on Android devices and in the App Store on Apple devices. Open your mobile device’s app store and search “MKE Mobile”. Download and install MKE Mobile to begin using it.

NOTE: The MKE Mobile app tends to show up fairly far down in the list of search results in the Google Play Store. Other helpful search terms include Milwaukee Mobile, MKE Mobile, Milwaukee Services, and Milwaukee UCC.

  What does the app cost?

The app is free to download and use for Android and iPhone users.

  Why is my contact information required? What if I want to remain anonymous?

Basic contact information is required so an agent will be able to contact you in the event that more information is needed or any information needs to be verified.  If you’d like to remain anonymous, simply select “Confidential” from the reporting screen before submitting the service request. You will be taken to a screen asking if you’d like to remain confidential. Select “YES”.

  What happens to a service request once it has been submitted?

Your service request will be routed to the appropriate department.

  What happens to my request if I close out of the app?

If the request has not been submitted yet, the information will not be saved and the request will need to be reentered unless you’ve saved it as a draft. If you saved the request as a draft or have already submitted the request, it should be listed in the My Reports section of the app’s home screen.

  What happens to my request if my phone freezes before it is submitted?

If you haven’t submitted the request your service request information will be deleted unless you’ve saved it as a draft. The request will need to be re-entered once your mobile device is functioning properly.

  What service requests can I submit using the mobile app?

Select “File New Report” from the app’s home screen for a current listing of mobile service requests. Select “Other City Info” from the app’s home screen and then “Click4Action – More Services” to be taken to the City’s website where you can submit other service requests not currently supported by the app.

  How will I know my request was submitted?

After submitting a service request it will be listed in the “My Reports” section of the app. You will also receive an email confirming that the service request was received.

  How can I track my request once it has been submitted?

When a request is submitted in the mobile app, a 5 digit record number will be given under the “Status Reason” section. Additionally, you will receive an email that contains both the record number and a longer tracking number beginning with 101. There are a couple of different ways you can track the status of your service request:

  • Using the MKE Mobile app
    • Open the MKE Mobile app on your device.
    • Select “My Reports” from the app’s home screen.
    • Select the service request you’d like to check the status of.
    • The status of the request as well as any actions that have been taken regarding your request will be shown under “My Reports”.
  • Contacting the City of Milwaukee Unified Call Center
    • Dial (414) 286-CITY to be connected to a UCC call agent.
    • Provide the call center agent with the reference number listed in app and/or the tracking number you received via email after submitting the request.
    • The UCC call agent will look up the request and provide you with a status update.
  • From the Click for Action website
    • Go to the City website
    • Click on "Click for Action" in the top right-hand corner
    • Select “Check the status of a previous request” (second link from the bottom of the page)
    • Enter in your email address and the case id. The case id is the longer tracking number beginning with 101 found in the confirmation email. 
  Do I have to upload photos with my requests?

Photos are not required but can be helpful depending on the type of request.

  How do I update my contact information?

Select “Contact Info” when entering a service request to update your information. It will be saved automatically.

  How can I specify or edit the location of the request?

Select “Location” and drag the map to the exact or approximate address. If your phone’s GPS is enabled, the location will be shown on the map. If the address is incorrect, adjust the crosshairs on the map to get a more accurate address/location.  You can also touch the magnifying glass at the top and enter in an address.

  Can I save my request and finish it later?

Yes. As long as some information has been entered for the service request (besides contact information), a draft can be saved. To save a draft, press the back button in the top left-hand corner of the screen when entering a request. Select “save Draft”. You can find your draft in the “My Reports” section when you are ready to complete and submit the service request.

  What information is required for submitting a service request?

The information required for each request will vary depending on the service request type. The location of the request and contact information must be provided for all service requests.

  Do I have to be connected to WiFi to use the app?

The app can be used as long as your device has data capabilities. A WiFi connection is not required but it is recommended.

  Who do I contact with technical questions about the app?

Select “Info” from the app’s home screen and select “Send Feedback” to send an email with your tech related questions.

  What should I do if I find a bug?

Select “Info” from the app’s home screen and select “Send Feedback” to report a bug.

City of Milwaukee Strong Neighborhoods Plan
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