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MITIGATE Goal: Meet cost-effectiveness and maintenance standards

Activities are focused on reducing the impact and blight of vacant or abandoned properties on neighborhoods. Key efforts include:

  1. Management of City-owned property
    When the City owns a property, it assumes the responsibility of any owner: mowing grass, shoveling snow, and maintaining the property. Maintenance of City-owned property costs more than $3 million per year, and is an unglamorous but critical part of keeping neighborhoods stable and facilitating redevelopment.
  2. Demolition
    When any property qualifies for demolition, the City will demolish those that present the greatest risk to life, safety, and health. Demolition is a necessary last resort in many cases and provides a quick cure for blight and removes property that attracts crime and nuisance activity.
  3. Deconstruction & salvage
    Demolition creates debris that typically goes to a landfill. Not only is this expensive, but in some cases puts high quality or re-usable materials in the trash. Deconstruction and salvage reduce landfill volume and disposal cost, and puts building and architectural material back into use.


City of Milwaukee Strong Neighborhoods Plan
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