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How much does it cost to retrieve my vehicle?

Standard Tow: $105
Flatbed Tow: $125
Heavy Duty Tow: Price Varies
Uninsured Driver Fee: $25
Outdoor Vehicle Storage: $20/calendar day
Indoor Vehicle Storage: $30/calendar day

My vehicle does not appear in the search results.  What do I do now?

Call 414-286-2700 to determine if your vehicle was towed to a privately owned tow lot.

Do I have to pay the towing and storage fees before I can pick up my vehicle?


Can I pay my parking ticket(s) at the Tow Lot?

Yes or pay your parking ticket(s) online.

Can I purchase a Night Parking Permit at the Tow Lot?

Yes or purchase your night parking permit online.

What types of payments are accepted?

Cash/Money Orders/Cashier's Check

Other than paying the towing and storage fees, what else do I need to retrieve my vehicle?

You must be the owner of record for the vehicle and have proper identification.

What is proper identification?

A valid state-issued driver’s license or identification card, City of Milwaukee municipal ID card, military ID, or a passport. A driver’s license is required for the release of any vehicle. If the customer does not bring a driver’s license, then s/he must be accompanied by a licensed driver.

Can I have someone else pick up my vehicle for me?

Yes.  That person must have a properly notarized letter from the registered owner stating the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and the name of the person to whom the vehicle is being released. The person retrieving the vehicle must show a valid driver’s license.

Sample of Properly Notarized Letter

How long do I have to retrieve my vehicle?

You have 15 days from the date of the tow or your vehicle may be sold or recycled.

Can I remove personal items from my vehicle?

Yes.  However, if you remove personal items without making payment arrangements, your vehicle may be immediately sold or recycled.  Only one person per day may go to the vehicle; this may be the vehicle owner or a person authorized by the owner.

What if my vehicle is inoperable?

The owner must arrange for a private tow to have the vehicle towed off the lot.

What if I need a private tow?

The owner must formally release the vehicle to a specific tow company by notifying the cashier and signing the appropriate paper work.

Are there requirements for a private tow contractor?

Yes, private tow contractors must be properly licensed, insured, and have safe, appropriate equipment.

Can I perform work on the Tow Lot?

No, mechanical work of any kind is not allowed on the Tow Lot.

What if I need a locksmith?

The locksmith must use a vehicle with their business name clearly displayed, possess a valid driver’s license, and provide proof of insurance.

What if my vehicle is in evidence?

If a vehicle is in evidence, it may not be viewed, photographed, or have its contents disturbed.  Please contact the Milwaukee Police Department at (414) 935-7547.

If there is damage to my vehicle, how do I file a complaint?

See a customer representative at the Tow Lot when retrieving your vehicle or call (414) 286-2700