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Parking Regulations

Night Parking Regulations Page Winter Parking Regulations Page

To obtain the posted parking regulations for a specific street go to Street Parking Regulations.  

Vehicle must be in compliance with all posted signs. 

Daytime Parking

How Close Can I Park?

4 ft from Driveway or Alley, 10 ft from Hydrant, 15 ft from Crosswalk

How to Park Next to Protected Bike Lanes

Protected bike lanes use flexible delinators and/or cars to separate people riding bikes and people driving.  

  • DO NOT park in the bike lane.
  • Read signs carefully to confirm where to park, load, or unload.
  • Look both ways for people biking when crossing the protected bike lane.

Diagram of how to park next to a bike lane

Other Parking Regulations

  • No 24-Hour Parking
         No vehicle shall be permitted to stand in one place on a highway for more than 24 hours.
  • Private Property
         No motor vehicle shall be left parked within the front yard or the front, rear street, side street or side setback of the principal building or any residential property, including single family,      2-family, and multi-family dwellings.
  • Loading Zones
         Loading zones are to be used for the purpose of, and while actually engaged in, loading or unloading.

To report an illegally parked vehicle call (414) 286-CITY or report a violation online.

Parking Regulations are established by the City of Milwaukee Code of Ordinances and Wisconsin State Statutes.

Types and Costs of Parking Citations



SnowMobile Winter Text Alert
Sign up for winter parking alerts

1. Sign in or create an enotify account.
2. Select text messaging in the gray navigation bar near the top of the website.
3. Add your phone number and carrier, hit the disk to save.
4. A confirmation code will be texted to you, enter this code in the confirmation code box and press the checkmark to confirm.
5. Reselect text messaging in the gray bar to see the alerts available.
6. Check winter alerts.
7. For email notifications: Select email subscriptions in the gray bar. Select Information Updates and check winter alerts.