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Share Your Success Stories

Do you want to share a success story about your small business?

The Office of Small Business Development is looking for stories about the achievements and activities going on within our Small Business Enterprise (SBE) community. Fill out this form to share your story with us to be included on the OSBD website and other City publications.

Please note that we may not be able to use all stories that are submitted and content will be reviewed and may be edited for format and appropriateness.

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Personal - Achievement or Recognition accomplished by owner(s) related to business
General Business - Contract Award, Major Project Involvement or Achievement related to SBE Participation
Economic Impact - Expansion or Job creation related to City Contract Awards
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You may upload one (1) image in .jpeg or .jpg format to accompany your story. By uploading, you give authorization for the OSBD to include this image on its website and other City publications. Images must be of good quality and may be edited or cropped.