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Complete Streets

Mayor Barrett signing the Complete Streets policy into law

In October 2018, Mayor Barrett signed Milwaukee’s Complete Streets policy into law.  This policy was unanimously passed by Common Council on October 16, 2018 and was the result of over a year of hard work and close collaboration between the Department of Public Works, the Council, other city departments, and many community partners. 

Complete Streets integrate people and place by making it safe, enjoyable, and convenient to walk, bike, take transit, or simply experience our streets and public spaces – no matter one’s age or ability. There is no singular design for a Complete Street; a quiet residential street may already function well for all people, whereas a busy commercial corridor may require wider sidewalks, curb extensions, and protected bike lanes. A Complete Streets approach integrates people and place into all phases of a project, from planning and design through construction.

Complete Streets Committee

The Complete Streets policy also established a Complete Streets committee. The committee is made up of the following individuals or their designees:

  • The commissioner of public works (committee chair)
  • The city engineer
  • The commissioner of city development
  • The commissioner of neighborhood services
  • The department of administration budget and management director
  • The commissioner of the health department
  • The police chief
  • The executive director of the housing authority of the city of Milwaukee
  • The president of Employ Milwaukee
  • The chair of the common council’s public works committee
  • The chair of the common council’s public safety committee
  • The chair of the common council’s zoning, neighborhoods and development committee
  • The chair of the bicycle and pedestrian task force

The first meeting was held March 15, 2019; materials from this meeting are below. Future meeting materials will also be posted to Legistar.

March 15, 2019 Meeting Materials

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