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Interconnection Information

Connecting the solar energy system to We Energies' distribution system is called interconnection. It is the step that allows access to the energy grid for using electricity when the solar system is not producing enough to meet current needs or to provide excess electricty generated by the system to be returned to the grid for use by the utility. The We Energies website provides information about the interconnection process and requirements.

The interconnection process is outlined below:

  1. Apply online or via mail for interconnection to the We Energies distribution system.
  2. There may be fees applicable, which would be based on the capacity of the system being installed. (For example: 20 kW or less - no fee, 21 kW to 200 kW - $250, 201 kW to 1 MW - $500, 1.1 MW to 15 MW - $1000).
  3. The application, which MUST include a site plan and one-line diagram is submitted to the We Energies Service Consultant (ESC).
  4. We Energies has up to 10 days to review the application for completeness.
  5. An engineering review may be necessary (typically for larger systems). If so, the applicant will be notified and payment of applicable fees is required.
  6. The application will be approved when the ESC is assured that the application, site plan, and diagrams are properly completed and meet We Energies' technical requirements, and all required fees have been paid.
  7. The approved electrical and building permits must be sent to We Energies. Once they have been received, the system's commissioning testing can take place.
  8. The meter is installed to monitor the system.
  9. The Installer can now schedule the We Energies inspection and commission testing. These can typically take place in one visit.
  10. Once the inspection and commission testing have been passed, the interconnection agreement is signed. This typically occurs the same day as commissioning.


We Energies
Interconnection information
800-714-7700 ext. 7700
contact: Jason Kollwelter

(414) 286-5593

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