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Inspection Information

When a solar project is completed, an inspection by the City of Milwaukee is needed for each permit issued: electrical and building inspections for solar PV installations, and plumbing and building inspections for solar hot water system installations.

The process for inspections is as follows:

  • The Installer must call the City to request inspections using the contact information listed on each permit.
  • The Installer must coordinate the inspections to satisfy all permits on the solar project.
  • Electrical or plumbing inspections and building inspections can be scheduled within one to two days.
  • The Installer must meet with each Inspector to close out the permits.
  • Once the permits are approved and closed, the Inspector faxes the approved permits to We Energies as part of the interconnection process.

Please note, Installers must sign a waiver taking responsibility for the project installation if the system is not accessible to the inspectors. A sample letter of compliance is provided for reference.


Department of Neighborhood Services
Permit information or questions

We Energies
800-714-7777 ext. 7700

(414) 286-5593

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