The City of Milwaukee's solar program, Milwaukee Shines, works throughout the greater Milwaukee area to provide a comprehensive approach to promoting the adoption of solar energy. And, the Milwaukee Shines team wants to help you put solar on your home! 

First, get educated! Lots of information and help is out there on solar energy and there are many organizations in the Milwaukee area for hands-on learning, training, and solar events. Check out the solar information pages below or the available resources on the right for more information!



Solar Permitting Guide

The City of Milwaukee Department of City Development (DCD) works to ensure the quality and safety of a solar electric and solar hot water installation. There are requirements to install solar in Milwaukee. The Milwaukee Shines team has created a step-by-step outline to the permitting and inspection processes that solar installers and homeowners must navigate. Click HERE to view the City of Milwaukee's Solar Permitting Guide.


Site Assessment

To get started, it is recommended that a homeowner has a site assessment of their property.  A site assessment will bring an expert to your property to provide a basic analysis of your energy needs, your solar availability at your home, and make recommendations on what specific solar energy system that is right for you.  A site assessment is recommended, but not required to be eligible for State of Wisconsin Focus on Energy incentives.  Click HERE to learn more about solar site assessments and to find where to locate a site assessor in Wisconsin.


Choose an Installer

Finding an installer is easy.  Click HERE to head to our website that helps homeowners find a solar installer.  It is recommended to get more than one installation estimate as prices and services vary from contractor to contractor.  An estimate should include the cost of hardware, shipping, installation, connection to the utility grid, travel and sales tax. A good contractor will also help you acquire permits, co-funding, and an approved utility interconnection by filling out the paperwork for you.


Financing and Incentives

There are many ways to finance a solar energy project for your home. Milwaukee Shines offers many ways to finance your solar energy project that compliments the many state and federal incentive programs.  Milwaukee Shines or your solar installer can assist you in obtaining financing and incentives for your solar energy project.  Learn more about available Milwaukee Shines financing programs for homeowner's solar energy projects below.

Click HERE to learn more about low-interest solar loans.

Click HERE to learn more about incentives offered at the local, state, and federal level for solar energy.

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