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Bike Rack Request Form

Please use this form to request up to three bicycle racks for your business, organization, or neighborhood. You can also download a paper version of the form.

  • You will need a map and a photo of the requested location for the bike rack(s).
  • The City will charge the applicant an installation fee.
  • The racks cannot be placed on private property.

There are three possible rack types to choose from:





Basic U-Rack
$____ 1st rack
$____ 2nd or 3rd rack
Crossbar U-Rack
$____ 1st rack
$____ 2nd or 3rd rack


Logo U-Rack
$____ 1st rack
$____ 2nd or 3rd rack

$___ Logo (required)


The racks are U-shaped, black, and about 3' tall and 2' wide.


Applicant Information

Please enter information for a contact person for the request.


Business or Organization (if applicable)

Address Line 1*

Address Line 2

City*  State*  Zip Code*




Requested Bike Rack(s) Information

Please keep in mind that bike racks must be at least 3’ feet apart from each other and positioned so that a bicycle can fit on either side. The racks also cannot block the sidewalk path, curb ramps, building exits, etc. See Section 4 and Section 5 of the Bicycle Space Parking Ordinance for the full guidelines.

Number of racks requested (up to 3 total)

Basic U-Rack   0    1   2    3 

Crossbar U-Rack

Logo U-Rack

Reason for request

Why are you requesting bike racks?

  • To encourage more people to bike to my location
  • To reduce crowding at existing bike racks
  • To discourage people from locking their bikes to trees, signs, railings, etc.
  • To promote my business or organization
  • To make my neighborhood more bike-friendly


Requested Bike Rack(s) Location

Please enter the address closest to where you are requesting bike racks. If no address is available, list the nearest street and cross street.

Bike Rack Location Address (if not the same as applicant)

 Address for requested bike racks is the same as applicant address.

Location Address Line 1

Location Address Line 2

City  State  Zip Code


Please upload a photo of the requested location:*
See sample photos here.

Please upload a map of the requested location:*
See sample maps here.

* Indicates a required field.