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Bike Parking

With thousands of bike parking racks throughout the city, Milwaukee aims to make bicycling an easy and preferred way of traveling. Being able to park a bicycle quickly, in a well-lit location, and near your destination is key.

How to Keep Your Bike Safe

1. Always lock your bike when it is unattended, even if you are only leaving it for a minute. Most stolen bikes are not locked up.

Bike Rack on Hamilton Street


2. Lock up even when in a garage or other indoor space.

Bicycle locked up to a rack in a parking garage









3. Always lock your bike to a solid object and double check to make sure your lock is closed.

Image of a bicycle locked to a post and ring bike rack








4. Use a U-Lock, Hardened Steel Chain Lock or a Folding Lock, which are stronger and harder to break than cables and chains.

Example of a U-Lock for a BicycleExample of hardened steel bike chain on bike








5. Lock up in a visible location. Thieves don't like to operate where they can be seen.

Bicycle locked to spiral bike rack in open public space









6. Do not leave anything on your bike that can be easily removed. For bicycles with quick-release wheels, lock both wheels and the frame to the rack. Remove easily detached items, such as packs, pumps, lights, and clip on fenders before leaving a bicycle unattended.

A Bicycle with a quick-release wheel locked to a rack









Where to Lock Up Your Bike


  • Bike Racks: there are thousands across the city!

Example of Inverted U Bike Rack











  • Bike Parking Corrals

Bike Corral Image from Pittsburgh


Locking Your Bike Securely

To ensure your bike is safe, lock your bike frame and both wheels. You can do this multiple ways:

Examples of correct and incorrect methods of locking up a bike.











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