Resources for Tenants

Tenants in buildings without a recycling program or in buildings where the bins are always overflowing should contact their landlord or property manager.

If this doesn't help, you can place an anonymous complaint by calling (414) 286-CITY (2489).

Recycling at Apartments with 5+ units

Owners of commercial buildings or residential buildings with 5 or more units must provide an adequate amount of recycling collection service to their tenants and inform their residents about the recycling program (i.e. how to separate materials, what materials are collected, etc) at the time of leasing and then semiannually.

Landlords and Property Managers

Do you need help starting or improving your program? Contact the recycling office at (414) 286-2349.

Want to improve your program?

Make it easy!

Follow the 4 C's for best results

  • Convenient Co-Location. Make sure a recycling bin is always next to a garbage can. Also place dumpsters and carts next to each other.
  • Clarity. Label bins inside your building and outside. Use images and text of what belongs in each bin.
  • Color. Whenever possible, have garbage bins and dumpsters a different color from recycling bins and dumpsters.
  • Capacity. Ensure you have enough capacity for both garbage and recycling so that "overflow" doesn't get put in the wrong bin. Need help figuring out what a good capacity is for your location? Call our offices for assistance!

Make it popular!

  • Remind tenants semiannually how to participate in the program. Remind them how, what, and even when materials will be collected so everyone can participate!

Make it fun!

  • Do you have a newsletter or a social media account? Share fun facts to encourage everyone to recycle more.
  • Post fun facts in common areas.

Additional Resources


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