Recycling Everywhere

Recycling is the law in Wisconsin and is enforced by City Ordinance. Recycling is required at home, at work, at institutions, like schools and places of worship, and at public places like entertainment venues and outdoor events.These resources are intended to help everyone follow this law. The City of Milwaukee is happy to provide assistance in implementing recycling programs. Contact us at 414-286-2349 for assistance.  Learn more about the law here.

Tips for Reducing Waste At Home

  • Take one reusable bag with you every time you shop. The average person in the United States uses 350 – 500 bags each year. Start small and take just 1 bag with you each time you shop!
  • Use a reusable water bottle.
  • Buy items in bulk to reduce the amount of packaging. Avoid single-serve food packaging, especially if it is not recyclable.
  • Borrowing instead of buying. You can borrow everything from tools to fancy clothes for one-time events. Save your money and storage space by not owning things you will only use once or twice!

Recycling and Waste Services At Home

Who provides my recycling and garbage services? In the City of Milwaukee, recycling and garbage service management varies based on the type of residental home.

Flyers and handouts are available. Click for PDF versions of the following.

Dirty Dozen Flyer

List of Recyclables English

List of Recyclables Spanish

General Sanitation Services Brochure

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I live in a/an:

Single family home

The City of Milwaukee provides curbside collection of your recycling and garbage.


The City of Milwaukee provides curbside collection of your recycling and garbage.

Apartment with 3-4 units

The City of Milwaukee provides curbside collection of your recycling and garbage.


Varies. Your condo association may choose to use City of Milwaukee services or the association may choose to contract with a private hauler.

Recycling in Apartments with 5+ units

Owners of commercial buildings or residential buildings with 5 or more units must provide an adequate amount of recycling collection service to their tenants and inform their residents about the recycling program semi-annually. The City of Milwaukee provides resources to assist property owners and their tenants with these requirements.

Apartment with 1-4 units in a building with commercial space

The City of Milwaukee provides recycling and garbage service for the residents of the living spaces. The commercial spaces must contract with a private hauler to collect their recycling.

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