Plastic Bag Recycling

photo of recyclable film that can be taken to retail drop off locations

The City of Milwaukee does not accept plastic bags through its curbside program. Plastic bags, wraps, and other film gets wrapped around the sorting equipment at the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF). There are many convenient locations in the Milwaukee area where you can drop off these materials to be recycled. Accepted materials include plastic grocery bags, deflated packing pillows, produce bags, plastic wrap used to package toilet paper or paper towel, dry cleaning bags, and more! These materials are made into new packaging or durable home building products such as composite decking. Visit to learn more and to find a collection site near you!


Plastic bag and film recycling is an example of product stewardship, where all parties who have a role in designing, producing, selling, or using a product assume responsibility for the environmental impacts of that product. Learn more about product stewardship from the EPA.

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