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"Old" Map Milwaukee

July 18th, 2017 - The "Old" Map Milwaukee application is no longer available.  A link to the new Map Milwaukee Portal can be found below.


Map Milwaukee Portal

We have a number of new online map applications and map services that will eventually replace this "old" version of Map Milwaukee.  These new applications and services can be found in the Map Milwaukee Portal.  As these new applications and services replicate map layers found in the old application, we will remove the duplicate map layers from "Old" Map Milwaukee.  We will give notice when map layers will be removed from Old Map Milwaukee.  These notices can be found in our Map Milwaukee newsletter.  Current newsletters can be found on the Map Milwaukee Portal page.  The portal also provides a link to newsletter archives as well as instructions on how to subscribe to the Map Milwaukee newsletter via e-mail through Milwaukee's E-Notify service.

We encourage you to start using the new Map Milwaukee applications in place of "Old" Map Milwaukee as soon as possible.

Tips sheets on how to use the new Map Milwaukee applications are available in the Newsletters and Tip Sheets section of the Map Milwaukee Portal.

Go To: Map Milwaukee Portal

Looking for Data Beyond Milwaukee City Limits?

Milwaukee County has also implemented an online mapping system.  If you're looking for map information beyond the City of Milwaukee limits, the County's site might have what you're looking for...

Milwaukee County Interactive Mapping

Using "Old" Map Milwaukee in Esri ArcMap

If you are an ArcMap user, you can add Map Milwaukee directly to your project.  Here are basic instructions on how to access Map Milwaukee, and other ArcIMS services, with ESRI software products:

How to Access Map Milwaukee with ArcCatalog and ArcMap

If you are interested in using new ArcGIS Server services, documentation can be found on Map Milwaukee Portal page.

Note on Pop-Up Blockers

For the Print function in Map Milwaukee to work properly, you will need to disable pop-up blockers for this site.  If you would like to add an exception to your pop-up blocker settings, add  We have found this to be a potential issue for both Google and the Windows XP SP2 pop-up blockers.

If you continue to have problems using the print function, try holding down the Ctrl button on your keyboard while simultaneously clicking on the "Create Print Page" button.

For best results your Display Adapter setting should be set to a resolution of 1024 x 768, and you should maximize your browser window.

If you experience any difficulties with the application, or have any questions please email the GIS department.

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