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If you are looking to have more than 750 people indoors or 1000 people outdoors, while staying within the 75% capacity restraint, you must submit a safety plan. Your facility safety plan is comprised of two pieces. Please email the completed Entertainment Venue COVID-19 Safety Plan Risk Assessment Tool form (PDF), plus your safety plan to Your complete safety plan is comprised of supporting documentation that addresses the components of the Risk Assessment Tool. Please make sure that you include your capacity and the capacity that you wish to be at (within the 75% guideline).

The purpose of this tool is to assist the City of Milwaukee Health Department (MHD) while reviewing a venue’s COVID-19 Safety Plan during the COVID-19 pandemic. The venue’s COVID SAFETY PLAN must address all the items listed and must be included with the submission of this document to be considered. Any item that does not pertain to your establishment please enter as “N/A”. It will be handled in the order it was received. It is important for the City of Milwaukee Health Department and other partners to work together to determine what is feasible, practical and acceptable given the unique needs and circumstances of the local community. Maintain regular communication about transmission in your area and adjust operations accordingly. Submission of Safety Plan does not guarantee approval by Milwaukee Health Department.

This tool covers key areas that must be addressed:

Workplace policies and practices to protect employee health, measure to ensure physical distancing, measures to ensure infection control, patron areas, facility considerations, measures that communicate to the public.

NOTE: This safety plan does not include on-site cafes, bars, restaurants or dining options. A separate Restaurant and Bar COVID-19 Safety Plan would need to be submitted for the operation of those within your establishment.

*Please note, safety plans may be revoked if operators are not following their approved plan. Failure to comply may result in a citation(s).