Milwaukee Fire Department Public Records Notice

Description Of Organization

Under sec. 313.03 of the Milwaukee City Charter, the Chief Engineer (Fire Chief) and in the engineer’s absence the assistant engineers, according to their rant, shall have command over all members of the Fire Department.  It shall be the engineer’s duty to look into the condition of all engines and other apparatus belonging to the City and used for the purpose of the Fire Department, and to report thereon annually, or so often as circumstances render it expedient, or when directed by the Mayor or Common Council.  And whenever any of the buildings or apparatus used for the purpose of the Fire Department require any alterations, additions or repairs, he or she shall report the same to the Commissioner of Public Works or Common Council.  He or she shall keep exact rolls of the respective companies, specifying the time of admission and discharge of each member.  He or she shall also report all accidents by fire, which may happen within the City, with the cause thereof, as well as can be ascertained, and the number of description of buildings destroyed or injured, together with the names of owners or occupants.

Dates and Places at Which Public Records may be obtained

The Milwaukee Fire Department Administration Division is located on the third floor of Fire Department Headquarters, 711 West Wells Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53233.  The public may obtain information and access to records by making requests either in writing or in person during regular office hours, Monday through Friday between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm, holiday hours excluded.

Per City of Milwaukee Ordinance File No. 090664. Effective October 30, 2009:

The Milwaukee Fire Department charges $.25 per page or $.50 per double-sided for copies of fire reports not to exceed a total cost of $5.00.

Under the methods prescribed in Wis. Stats. § 146.83(3f) (c) 2, fees for copies of patient’s health care records are as follows:

The Milwaukee Fire Department charges $1.17 per page for medical report(s) requests from the patient or the patient’s personal representative.  For requests made from individuals other than the patient or patient’s personal representative MFD may charge certification of copies $9.25; processing and handling a single charge of $23.13.  Additional charges may be added, as required (i.e.: shipping/mailing costs) to cover the cost(s) of complying with the request(s).  All requests will be processed as soon as practical and without delay.  NOTE:  MFD will charge a flat rate processing/handling for medical (EMS) reports with an additional certification charge for requests made by individuals other than the patient and/or patient’s representative.

All requests for information regarding fire records, personnel records and other records or property of the department shall be furnished only by the Assistant Chief, Administration Division, with permission of the Chief.

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