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Fringe Benefits for the Active Employee in Military Service 

Health and Dental Benefits

For those with family coverage, your coverage for health and/or dental will continue and your employee share, if any, will be covered by the City. For those with single coverage, your coverage will end while you are on active leave, but will be reinstated the day you return.


Life Insurance

For those with coverage, premium payments can be made for a maximum of 12 months. At the end of the 12 month period coverage will end but will be reinstated the day you return to work. If premium payments are not made coverage will end but will be reinstated the day you return to work.


Flexible Spending

There is COBRA for Medical only and it can be used for the employee or any dependents. The annual amount cannot be changed and can be extended through the grace period but money has to be contributed to the plan either prior to going on leave or with after tax contributions once on leave.


Pension Contribution

Chapter 36 of the City charter provides that service credit for pension purposes will continue to accrue while on an approved military leave of absence from the date the leave begins up to a maximum of 90 days after the military discharge date. Contributions are required from the agency during this time period to reflect the salary the employee would have earned had they not been on military leave. In effect, it will appear, for pension purposes, that there was no break in service for military leave.


City 457, Deferred Compensation Program

The participant’s 457 account is not frozen while they are on active leave. Their accounts are active and they can make allocation changes anytime. They can only contribute when they are receiving pay from the City of Milwaukee. Once they return from Military Leave, they may start up their deferrals.


Sick Leave / Vacation

Sick leave and vacation are frozen when a member is off the City payroll. The member does not lose any sick leave or vacation and does not accrue any sick leave or vacation when member is off payroll. Where provisions of an applicable labor contract differ from this policy, benefits are administered per the labor contract.


Family and Medical Leave Act

Forms and Information


Promotional Exams

Member must notify department if eligible and want to take such promotional exams.


Employee Assistance Program: (EAP)

  • Pre-deployment: Mental health, social services and information for member and/or family. Contac Cris Zamora at 286-3145.
  • Deployment: Mental health and social services for member and/or family. Contact Cris Zamora at , phone: 414-286-3145, or mail: 200 East Wells Street, Room 701, Milwaukee, WI 53202 (Member via e-mail or snail-mail)
  • Post deployment: Mental health, social services, and information for member and/or family including transitional talk with EAP Coordinator or set-up with specific VA counselors with experience dealing with fire-fighters.

Federal Government Sponsored Retirement and Investment Plan (Thrift Savings Plan)

Active Employee in Milwaukee


Other Services


Prepared for City of Milwaukee employees by the City of Milwaukee Employee Benefits Department 414-286-3184, R. 05-13-2009

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