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Historic Garden Homes

The Garden Homes Historic District NID is home to the country’s first municipally sponsored housing development project. Under the City of Milwaukee’s second Socialist Party mayor, Mayor Daniel Hoan, the Garden Homes Historic District provided 105 affordable, decent housing units for World War I veterans and other working class families during the early 1920’s. The district has been listed in the National Registry of Historic Places and the State of Wisconsin Registry of Historic Places since 1990. The Garden Homes Historic District NID plans to support projects that will build community relational cohesion for its total constituency area of 330 households and eight businesses.

Year 2018 projects include:

  • No Home Left Behind (Home Renovation program)
  • Lean Clean Green Machine ( Clean Neighborhood)
  • An Eye for Safety (Security Cameras)
  • Sowing Seeds for Victory ( Home Grown Gardens)
  • Make the Right Moves (Chess in 2 Schools) 

NID Contact

James Tate - NID President

2020 Operating Plan

Phone: (414) 888-0236


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(NID 6 Email Contact, Operating Plan, and Map)

City of Milwaukee Commercial Corridor Team  

Contact Us

Commercial Corridor Team
809 N. Broadway
Room 104
Milwaukee, WI 53202  

(414) 286-8201

Commercial Corridor Team

Kenneth Little
Neighborhood Business Development Manager
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Natanael Martinez
Commercial Corridor Manager
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Sierra Starner-Heffron
Economic Development Specialist
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Terence Acquah
Economic Development Specialist
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Fatima Sierra-Vargas
Economic Development Specialist
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Kermiath McClendon
Economic Development Specialist
(414) 286-5820