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Healthy Neighborhoods Initiative

Healthy Neighborhoods residents: Invited. Involved. Invigorated.

Working with the Greater Milwaukee Foundation, NIDC is promoting the Healthy Neighborhoods initiative. The approach focuses on a neighborhood’s positive attributes and works to engage neighbors and homeowners to invest in their neighborhoods and position them as good places to live.

There are six Healthy Neighborhoods lead organizations.

Each Healthy Neighborhood designs their own program to promote their neighborhood, engaging residents around positive actions such as involving neighbors, promoting the neighborhood as a good place to live, improving neighborhood appearance and encouraging homeowners to buy in the neighborhood.

    Capitol Heights logo

Albright Methodist Church

Capitol Heights


Havewoods logo

Havewoods Economic Development Corporation




Layton Boulevard West Neighbors

Silver City, Burnham Park, Layton Park


Riverworks Center logo

Riverworks Development Corporation

Harambee and Riverwest


Sherman Park Community Association logo

Sherman Park Commmunity Association

Sherman Park


Sixteenth Street Community Health Center

Sixteenth Street Community Health Center

Kinnickinnic River Neighborhoods


Last page update:  05/17/19

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Neighborhood Improvement Development Corporation in partnership with the city of Milwaukee

Home Improvement Contractors Wanted.

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Type Face:  Public Art Project
Type Face: A Public Art
Project driven by
community conversation.

Mobile Mike hub staffer demonstration
Mobile bike hub staffer
demonstrates bike repair
for neighborhood youth.

Havenwoods neighbor participates in clean-up
Havenwoods neighbor
participates in neighborhood

Martin Drive neighbors Bloom and Groom
Martin Drive neighbors get
ready for the 3rd annual
Bloom and Groom sale.