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Plain Talk

What is Plain Talk?

Plain Talk is a community-based initiative designed to assist parents and other influential adults in developing the skills and tools they need to communicate effectively with youth and children about abstinence, healthy relationships, and sexuality.  This nationally recognized, evidence-based, teen-pregnancy-reducing program consists of three components:  Community Mapping (surveying the community), Walkers & Talkers (community residents mobilizing their community), and Home Health Parties (for educating parents). The target area for this initiative is the Midtown Planning area. Midtown has one of the highest rates of teen pregnancy and poverty in the City. 11.4% of girls ages 15 to17 become pregnant each year in the area. 45% of families live at or below poverty levels.

What is PREP Talk for Youth?

In July, 2011, Plain Talk received a grant from the State of Wisconsin, Division of Public Health – Department of Health Services to expand Plain Talk’s focus to directly serving youth aged 11-19.  The new grant, the  Personal Responsibility Education program  (PREP) is a new federal initiative to help young people avoid teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

This new project will provide support for teen pregnancy prevention education and skills training efforts and also link youth to services available through “Wisconsin Family Planning Only Services” Program.

The national PREP Program focuses on adulthood preparation topics and skills training.  Its goals are to:

·         Educate adolescents on both abstinence and contraception to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

·         Educate adolescents on at least three adulthood preparation subjects.

Milwaukee PREP Talk for Youth will explore six adulthood preparation subjects:

1.      Adolescent Development

2.      Educational and Career Success

3.      Healthy Life Skills

4.      Healthy Relationships

5.      Parent-Child Communication

6.      Introduction to Health Careers through internships and service

Milwaukee PREP Talk will also link youth to local programs that provide training in Financial Literacy, another component of the national model.

What is the goal of Prep Talk?

The ultimate outcome is healthy transition to adulthood for all Milwaukee youth.  We know that pregnancy prevention is an important factor in successful development, but not the sole factor.  This project encourages a positive transition and growth leading to decreased risk of teen pregnancy in our community. 

PREP Talk will instill a healthy perspective and raise self-esteem by linking health, education and career potential.  PREP Talk establishes positive social norms with regard to healthy relationships and behaviors and creates supportive and protective connections with mentors and the larger community.

PREP Talk aims to emphasize capacity-building opportunities and goal-setting rather than simply focusing on activities grounded in avoiding problem behaviors.

Plain Talk information:

Plain Talk Program Overview postcard

"Top Ten Attributes of An Askable Adult" brochure

For more information contact:

Denise A. Crumble 
Health Project Coordinator
PlainTalk Milwaukee Initiative
City of Milwaukee Health Department
841 N. Broadway
Milwaukee, WI  53202

Phone: 414-286-8478
Business Cell: 414-708-4537
Fax: 414-286-0715

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