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Vehicle Requirements

A mobile food establishment is subject to the same rules that restaurants and grocery stores follow under the Wisconsin Food Code. Inspectors will watch food handling, check the hand wash sink and take temperatures. Make sure your vehicle has a supply of tongs, tissues, and/or gloves, since bare hand contact with ready-to-eat foods is prohibited.

All mobile units fall under the Wisconsin Food Code and should adhere to its requirements. Equipment should be listed for commercial food service use by an ANSI accredited listing service (such as UL, ETL, or NSF). A piece of equipment that would not be accepted in a permanent food establishment will not be accepted on a mobile unit.

Hand washing and Ware washing Sinks- Sink requirements vary depending on the type and complexity of the operation.

  • Every vehicle or pushcart where unpackaged food is handled must have a hand wash sink with both hot and cold water under pressure.
  • If you process food ( for example: shave ice for sno-cones, make cotton candy, prepare tacos or subs) on a vehicle, your vehicle must have approved utensil sinks with hot and cold water under pressure. if you operate a pushcart, and your menu is limited, you don't need a utensil sink on the cart. In this case, you must prepare food and wash utensils at the service base.

Vehicle Surfaces

Mobile units must meet the Wisconsin Food Code standards for floor and wall finishes and lighting. All surfaces must be smooth, easily cleanable, and water resistant. Exposed wood is not allowed.

Water and Wastewater

Hot and Cold Holding

Food Protection Identification
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