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Parking and Rules of the Road

Moving and Parking

This information is provided as a guide and summary of related Milwaukee Code of Ordinances (MCO) from other departments. DPW & MPD enforce mobile parking. Mobile units parking on private property could be subject to addtional permits from DNS. Contact (414) 286-8210 or email [email protected] for information.

  1. Vehicles licensed for food peddling must obey all traffic laws and regulations. (MCO Ch. 101 Traffic Code)
  2. You may not park or sell within 300 feet of a school entrance while the school is open to students. (MCO Section 115-45)
  3. You may not stop for more than two hours in any residential block and such stops must be separated by a six-hour period. You must be in compliance with posted parking signs and limits. (MCO Section 115-45).
  4. Food, merchandise, or any other article may not be sold or offered for sale for two hours immediately before the start of any scheduled event, and ending one hour immediately after the event on any public street or sidewalk within 500 feet of the following: Wisconsin Center, the Auditorium, the Arena, the Milwaukee Public Museum, the Fiserv Forum, the Performing Arts Center, the Rave/Eagles Auditorium, the Riverside Theater, Summerfest, and American Family Field parking facilities, the right of way for Jazz in the Park, River Rhythms, the Westown Farmer's Market, and any other specila event as communicated by police officers under the direction of the Commissioner of Public Works. (MCO Section 105-56 and 105-57)
  5. PRIVATE PROPERTY: Parking of peddlers on private property requries a special occupancy permint issued by the Department of Neighborhood Services. To apply for special occupancy in person, first visit milwaukee.gov/DNS/permits or call (414) 286-8210. To apply online visit milwaukee.gov/lms .
  6. There are other specific streets and highways where the selling from a parked vehicle is prohibited, see below maps. (MCO Section 15-45-2-C)
  7. SEMI PERMANENT PARKING:  The unit must return to its service base every 24 hours. If it is parked semi-permanently (i.e. food truck park, private property) a second mobile service base license will be required for that location.

Other Rules 

  • Each mobile food establishment shall return to its service base at least every 24 hours for service and maintenance. (MCO Section 68-37-8)
  • Food cannot be sold door-to-door. (MCO Section 68-39-11)
  • It is prohibited to make any sales from a roadway median strip, safety island, or onfoot into any street or roadway (including an alley) where there is vehicular traffic.
  • You cannot block or restrict an individual’s access to a business or residence,and you must allow a minimum 5 ft. clearance on sidewalks for pedestrians.You cannot make any comment, request, or proposal which is obscene, lewd,lascivious, profane, filthy, or indecent.
  • No sales are allowed Monday–Friday 3am-6am & 3:30am-6am Saturday–Sunday.Exceptions granted for January 1st, Memorial Day, Juneteenth, the 3rd and 4th ofJuly, Labor Day, and on city streets adjacent to State Fair Park during the run of theWisconsin State Fair. (MCO Section 115-45-3)
  •  A mobile vending operation must be completely mobile. You cannot have separate coolers, grills, or signs; no customer chairs /tables permitted. Everything must be attached to unit. Mobile units are not permitted to use electrical connections. Generators are acceptable provided they are attached to the mobile unit. A garbage can is allowed to remain separate from the unit. (MCO Section 68-39-13)
  • If you are interested in selling food in any Milwaukee County Park, you must contact the Milwaukee County Parks System for proper permits: [email protected] or call (414) 257-4503 for information.
  • Vendors who use a mobile establishment at a festival and want to offer items or services for which they are not normally licensed (such as grilling next to the unit) may be required to obtain additional licensing. Contact the License Division of the City Clerk’s Office at (414) 286-2238.
  • EMPLOYEE TOILET: Must have rrangements for appropriate toilet use for employees while operating.


   • No horns of any kind are allowed. (MCO Section 68-39-12)
   • Generators must produce not more than an average of 80 decibels of sound, measured 4 feet from the generator. (MCO Section 68-13-C)

Milwaukee Code Ordinance:Chapter 68 Food License Regulations, Chapter 101 Traffic Code, Section 105-56 Sales on Public Premise including venue list, & Section 115-45 Selling
Articles from Parked Vehicles

City of Milwaukee Council Legislative Research Center, Legistar

Specific Streets Where Selling Is Prohibited


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