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Terrorism and Other Public Health Emergencies


Bioterrorism is a deliberate release of viruses, germs, or bacteria in order to cause illness or death. These agents can be spread through air, water, or food. Usually found in nature, these agents can be modified to make them even more dangerous and resistant to medicines. Not all biological agents are spread from person-to-person.  For more information read this Bioterrorism FAQ. 

Facts about Ricin 

Chemical Emergencies

This type of emergency occurs when a hazardous chemical has been released and has the potential for causing harm to a person's health. A chemical release can be either deliberate or accidental. Click here for more information from the CDC about different chemical agents and how to protect yourself during a chemical emergency. 

Radiation Emergencies

A radiation emergency could occur from man-made sources such as a nuclear power plant failure or a dirty bomb. To find more information about sources of radiation, contamination from radiation, and dirty bombs; click here to visit the CDC Radiation Emergencies page. 

Explosives and Dirty Bombs

A dirty bomb is a bomb with a mix of explosives, like dynamite, and radioactive material. When the bomb explodes, the radioactive material is dispersed. For more information about dirty bombs and how to prepare for blast injuries related to bombs, click here

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