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About the Lead-Safe Advisory Committee 

The City of Milwaukee Board of Health is recruiting members to serve on a Lead-Safe Advisory Committee. The Lead-Safe Advisory Committee is responsible for monitoring city-wide lead poisoning data, advocating for policy that prevents lead poisoning, and developing a long-term plan to eliminate childhood lead poisoning. The committee reports directly to the Board of Health. 

The Board of Health is seeking to recruit a diverse group of committee members representing multiple sectors. Committee members must live in the City of Milwaukee and are expected to fully participate in monthly meetings and related workgroups. 


Lead-Safe Advisory Committee Application 


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Please describe your training, experience, and/or qualifications related to serving on a board/committee: 

Why are you interested in serving on the Lead-Safe Advisory Committee? 

Do you currently serve on a City of Milwaukee board, committee, or task force? 

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Have you served on a City of Milwaukee board, committee, or task force in the past? 

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Do you currently work for an entity or agency that either receives funding from or has a contract with the City of Milwaukee to perform services? 

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Do any of your immediate family members (e.g. spouse, partner, child, etc.), currently serve as an officer, director, or partner in any entity or agency that receives funding from, or has a contract with the City of Milwaukee? 

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Lead-Safe Advisory Committee Co-Chairs

Bria Grant Headshot

Bria Grant, Board of Health Member

Wujie Zhang Headshot

Wujie Zhang, Board of Health Member


Board of Health Initiatives 

Lead-Safe Advisory Committee


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