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Green Lots

Parking lots are a necessary part of life in Milwaukee but that doesn't mean they can't be green! The parking lot is the first thing your customers or guests see before entering your business. Updating your landscaping to include additional green space can transform it into a vibrant and welcoming space while also making Milwaukee a more sustainable and beautiful place to live and visit. 


Parking Lot Beautification Grants

The City of Milwaukee Environmental Collaboration Office (ECO) is offering one time grants to help local businesses create more beautiful and environmentally friendly parking lots.


While all eligible projects are welcome to apply, priority will be given to...

  • Small and local businesses or non-profits. 
  • Projects located on major commercial streets. 
  • Projects that replace pavement on property with additional green space, trees, and shrubs. 
  • Businesses making voluntary landscaping improvements. 
  • Projects that make a demonstrate impact on the surrounding community. 


Grants will be awarded ranging from $1,000 to $8,000. Parking Lot Beautification Grants may be paired with other funding programs, including those administered by the City of Milwaukee. 

Funds will be reimbursed following the successful completion of a proposed project and will not be provided in advance for any reason. Parking Lot Beautification Grants will not be considered for projects that have begun construction prior to project approval. 

Beautification Grant funds are available for trees, shrubs and bushes, native flowers, small plants, grasses, pavement removal, and topsoil. The Landscape Design Guide for Parking Lots in the City of Milwaukee, provided by the Department of City Development, includes size and species requirements for plants and trees. Beautification Grants will only fund landscaping elements in compliance with these requirements. 

Landscape Design Guide for Parking Lots in the City of  Milwaukee

Please note, de-paving will only be funded if existing pavement will be replaced with additional green space, using at least 18" of a 70/30 soil to compost mix. (Why is this important? Learn more here!

Projects will be funded in accordance with the following chart without exceeding the $8,000 project maximum. Funds will not be allocated for hardscape elements of City Landscape Design requirements such as ornamental metal fences or masonry walls. 

How to Apply: 

Applications will be accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis until funds have been fully allocated. Applications must be submitted by the 15th to be considered for review at the end of that given month. This site will be updated when funds have been fully allocated for the year.  

Application packages must include the following information in order to illustrate the impact of the project and its costs. Failure to provide required information will delay the review process. The items submitted should include: 

  • A completed application form
  • W-9 Tax Form
  • Written consent from the property owner (if not applicant) giving permission to conduct landscaping improvements. 
  • Color photographs of existing conditions. 
  • A Landscape Screening Plan or 2D Rendering.

While not required at the time of application, applicants are expected to acquire all necessary permits and licensing through City of Milwaukee Permit and Development Center. 

Questions regarding the grant program and completed application may be directed to:
Environmental Collaboration Office
200 E. Wells St. Rm 603
Milwaukee, WI 53202



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Environmental Collaboration Office
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Room 603
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