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Forms And Resources

Property Tax Exemption Request (PR-230)

Due March 1st for the year the exemption is sought.

Biennial Exemption Report (PC-220)

This needs to be filed by exempt property owners by March 31st of every even numbered year. This is for property that was previously issued an exemption.

Biennial Exemption Report - Multiple Properties (PC220A)

This form can be filed by property owners that have more than one real estate holding that was previously issued an exemption. Due March 31st of every even numbered year.

Low Income Housing Exemption - Property Owner's Certificate of Occupancy (PR-231)

This  form  must  be  filed  with  the  assessor  by  March  1  to  qualify  for  a  property  tax  exemption  as  low-income  housing (Sec. 70.11(4a)(g)1, Wis. Stats.).

Wisconsin Property Assessment Manual

Refer to Wisconsin Property Assessment Manual for the current year and the chapter titled "Property Tax Exemption"

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to frequently asked questions about property tax exemptions published by the Wisconsin Association of Assessing Officers.

Wisconsin Property Tax Exemptions, A Guide for Determining Exempt Status

Published by the Wisconsin Association of Assessing Officers, compiled by Katrina Malson and Steven Schwoerer.

Maps of Exempt Properties

Map Milwaukee

Open Property Information from the list of available applications.  Add parcels_mprop map service - this service includes many layers, including tax exempt parcels, and tax exempt parcels by exempt class.  For help adding layers to Map Milwaukee applications, see the tip sheet called Add Map Services as Layers found in the How To list on the right side of the Map Milwaukee Portal page, or on the Help and Documentation page.

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