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Racial Equity and Inclusion 

Our Role

The Office of Equity and Inclusion serves as a resource and consultant to all city departments and offices, and supports their work to review policies, programs and initiatives with a racial equity lens. Achieving racial equity and inclusion requires everyone to opt in. It requires a cultural shift, commitment of time and resources, and courage. As a result, it’s necessary for everyone to own and do the work. OEI is committed to ensuring that city departments and offices can work more effectively to advance racial equity and inclusion and make it a daily practice.


Equity Goals

  • Improve equity practices of existing and new City services
  • End disparities in City government
  • Strengthen outreach and community engagement with people of color
  • Strengthen partnerships with community stakeholders

Equity Strategies

  • Create Racial Equity and Inclusion Leadership Team
  • Implement racial equity and anti-racism training for City employees
  • Work with Diversity Recruiter on a plan to improve diversity in hiring
  • Increase access to services through the Office of African American Affairs
  • Strengthen and expand racial equity and inclusion partnerships
  • Assess equity in City government and implement tools to institutionalize equity within City government
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