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BACKYARD POOLS (Chapter 75-20)

A construction permit is required for swimming pools equal to or greater than 15 ft x 3 ft in size. An application with a sketch and fee is submitted for review and an inspection of the area where the pool is to be placed is conducted prior to construction. Along with requirements of placement near lot lines and climbable structures, there may be electrical, plumbing, and fencing permit issues that may need to be examined. Any nuisances such as draining pools onto neighboring properties or dirty, stagnant water should be referred to the complaint hot line. Requests for pool construction permit applications should be directed to (414) 286-3280 or downloaded below.  


All public swimming places are inspected and licensed annually. Periodic inspections are made throughout the year to check items such as pool chemistry levels, safety concerns, sanitation of the facility, record keeping, etc. All new construction of pools requires a plan review and construction permit. The annual license runs July 1 thru June 30.

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Environmental Permit Application (DNS-185)

Use this form to apply for a permit dealing with asbestos removal, masonry cleaning, swimming pools and other DNS Environmental Section functions.

Swimming Pool Information

This document contains instructions on how to fill out the swimming pool application.

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