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NUISANCE NOISE (Chapter 80-60 thru 80-74)

Citizens may call in and complain about loud noise. Types of noises may include loud music, air conditioners, any type of mechanical noise, factory noises, etc. Noise complaints only handled by the Police Department include vehicular noises (while on a public right-of-way) and disturbing of the peace issues (boisterous individuals, fighting etc.). Certain noises are exempt from the regulations, such as air traffic and railroads. A temporary noise variance can be obtained for construction projects or festivals or other similar events which may have a tendency to exceed the noise limits. For any additional questions about Nuisance Noise, contact (414) 286-3280. 

To make a noise complaint, call (414) 286-2268. 

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Noise Variance Application (DNS-120A)

Use this application to apply for a Temporary Noise Variance Permit.

Noise Variance Information (DNS-120)

Use these instructions to help fill out Noise Variance Application (DNS-120A).

Noise Complaints FAQ

Use this FAQ sheet to answer any questions about noise complaints and violations.