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Asbestos Hazard Control (Chapter 66-12)

Removal of asbestos-containing materials must be performed by trained, State of Wisconsin certified individuals. In many instances, depending on the amount of material being removed, a permit is required. If you see anyone who is removing or disposing of materials that you may believe to be asbestos (such as pipe insulation and certain types of siding), or need information relative to obtaining a permit, call (414) 286-3280. 

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Asbestos Brochure (DNS-77)

This brochure contains information about the dangers of asbestos and removal options.

Asbestos Project Work Sheet (DNS-182)

This work sheet must be completed by the abatement firm and attached to the project plans when submitted with the asbestos project permit application at least five working days before the start of abatement.

Environmental Permit Application (DNS-185)

Use this form to apply for a permit dealing with asbestos removal, masonry cleaning, swimming pools and other DNS Environmental Section functions.

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