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The Private Sector Job Connection (PSJC) component of EARN & LEARN provides work opportunities in the private sector for older youth, age 18 or older, who have had previous work experience in EARN & LEARN, or in another work experience. Employers submit job orders that outline the essential duties, qualifications and work requirements for each position they wish to fill. Youth are screened to ensure they meet the qualifications specified by employers. From there, employers make a decision from the candidates interviewed who will be made an offer of employment. Employers also determine rates of pay and hours worked per week for the position for which they’ve hired the youth worker. The employment cycle is also determined by the employer, but EARN & LEARN suggests a minimum work assignment of 4-6 weeks.

FrequentlyAsked Questions

Do I select the worker for my company?

Yes. All EARN & LEARN youth are screened by administrative staff to ensure a match between the employer’s requirements and the student’s skills, aptitudes and interests. Employers have an opportunity to meet, interview and evaluate several qualified candidates. The employer is also allowed to select the candidate who best-meets their workforce needs.

Are EARN & LEARN workers paid?

Yes, by their employer. EARN & LEARN youth should be paid the same rate as regular employees who do comparable work at the company that employs them. They must be paid at least minimum wage.

Can we retain our EARN & LEARN worker beyond summer?

Absolutely! We encourage employers to consider extending EARN & LEARN workers’ employment to other seasonal work periods, as well as post-secondary and professional career opportunities.

How do I hire an EARN & LEARN youth?

It’s simple to become a Partner Employer.

What is the process?

Administrative staff will arrange a visit to your company to become familiar with your operation and your requirements. This information will be used to screen and refer qualified workers to your company for consideration.

What if I can’t hire an EARN & LEARN worker, but want to support the program?

If your company cannot commit to hiring an EARN & LEARN youth, for whatever reason, you can still participate in EARN & LEARN. You may consider a donation to the Mayor’s EARN & LEARN FUND to support work opportunities for jobs in the non-profit sector. Or, you may be interested in hosting a job shadowing visit or plant tour; mentoring a student; or, attending a school career day. EARN & LEARN administrative staff is happy to discuss your participation options.

Program Eligibility

Youth at least 18 years-old with previous work experience.

2020 Application Period: NOT STARTED