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Download Historical Parcel Shapefiles

Historical parcel shapefiles for the City of Milwaukee are available for download here, in ESRI shapefile format, back to 2001.  We do not have parcel shapefiles for years before 2001.

Starting in December, 2011, we will begin posting end-of-year snapshots of our parcel shapefiles.  This will provide greater accuracy when joining MPROP to parcels (relate key = TAXKEY).  For years before 2011, parcel shapefiles and MPROP will join will less accuracy, as taxkeys are added and removed throughout the year.

Starting in 2009, parcel shapefiles have a record for every taxkey - including every condominium unit.  The shapefiles dated earlier than 2009 do not accommodate the many-to-one nature of condominiums, and MPROP will not join to the condominium parcels.

All shapefiles are projected in Wisconsin State Plane South NAD27.


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