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Accessing GIS Web Services with Esri Software

The GIS services consumed by our web map applications are also available for direct use to Esri ArcGIS Desktop users at  Check out the following links for detailed documentation.  All three documents are in PDF format.

Microstation Design Files

Note: All design files are in Wisconsin State Plane South NAD27

Landuse Symbology

Updated every Monday morning

The file contains a city-wide map of Land Use Symbology in MicroStation dgn file format. The symbology includes Single Family and Duplex symbols, Land Use symbols, # Units, Building Footprints and Parking Lots. A description of the levels and the necessary font library (cityfont.rsc) is bundled with the zip file.

The file contains a city-wide map of Land Use Symbology in a shapefile format. The symbology includes Single Family and Duplex symbols, Land Use symbols, # Units, Building Footprints and Parking Lots.  A PDF is included with a legend for land use symbols.

The file is distributed in the file format in which it is maintained – as a MicroStation design file. For more information or help with MicroStation or to download the free MicroStation file viewer (Bentley View) go to – see the ‘Products’ and ‘Learning’ buttons.

Quarter Section Milwaukee

Download PDF versions of Milwaukee engineering maps by quarter section using Quarter Section Milwaukee.  Using this interface, you can find the map you're looking for by quarter section number, property address, or street intersection.

Esri Shapefiles and KML

Note: All shapefiles are in State Plane South NAD27

For more information about KML, refer to this resource provided by Google:

Aldermanic Districts

Updated April, 2016 (alderperson names)
Includes KML

The file,, contains the 2012 Aldermanic District polygons.

District boundaries and numbering have not changed since 2012.  Any updates to this dataset since 2012 will represent changes to Aldermanic district information in the attribute table.

The file,, contains Aldermanic District polygons that took effect on April 20, 2004. These districts were used for the February, 2004, and April, 2004 elections.

Prior to April 20, 2004, the district boundaries for purposes of representation existed as found in the file.

Corporate Boundary

Updated: January 1, 2004
Includes KML

The file contains the City of Milwaukee Corporate Boundary.


Updated: January, 2007
Includes KML

The file contain neighborhood boundaries, as defined by the Milwaukee Neighborhood Identification Project. The goal of the Neighborhood Identification Project is to define neighborhoods encompassing all of the residential areas in Milwaukee.

Parcel Outlines

Updated every Monday morning

The file contains the City of Milwaukee parcel outlines.

The City of Milwaukee parcel shapefile accommodates condominium records (multiple tax identifiers -- "taxkeys" -- assigned to one parcel).  Multiple records (one for each taxkey) exist for condominium parcels. As a result, a direct join can be made between parcelbase.shp and MPROP (or other taxkey-based dataset), and condominium data will be accurately joined.

To access historical versions of Milwaukee's parcel outlines, click here.

Police Districts

Updated: July, 2009
Includes KML

The file contains the current MPD Police Districts. These boundaries went into effect on July 12, 2009.


Updated Aug, 2018 
Includes KML

The file contains a graphic representation of the street center line as well as attribute data for each official street including address ranges, street direction, street name and street type. Although most dime segments fall near the center of the right-of-way, it is not an accurate representation of street center lines. It is a tool for obtaining street name and address information for streets within the city of Milwaukee.

Voting Wards

Updated October 6, 2016

The file contains voting ward boundaries and associated polling place information.

Ward boundaries were updated in 2016.  Any updates to this dataset since 2016 will represent changes to polling place information in the ward attribute table.

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