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Vehicle Theft Prevention 

By following these tips, you will reduce your chances of being the victim of a vehicle theft or vehicle break-ln:

Always Take Your Keys

Never leave them in the car. Nearly 30% of all vehicles taken had keys in them. Hiding a second set of keys In your vehicle is not recommended as extra keys can easily be found If a thief takes the time.

Park in Well-Lighted Areas

Over half of all vehicles occur at night.

Never Leave Your Vehicle Running Unattended

Why make it even easier for thieves? Even if you will only be gone for a minute, vehicle thief can happen very quickly. This is especially true during a cold morning when many owners leave the vehicle unattended to warm up. Also, it is against the law to leave your motor vehicle running with the key in it in Wisconsin.

Do Not Leave Valuables in Plain View

Hide them under the seats, lock them in the glove box or trunk, or cover them with something. Leaving valuables in a plain view will attract thieves and make your vehicle more desirable.

Park In a Garage

if you have a garage, use it. Vehicles parked outside or on the street are more vulnerable. When parking in your garage, lock the garage door and your vehicle. By locking both, you will greatly improve your chances of deterring thieves.

Never Leave the Title Registration in the Vehicle

Thieves can and will use it to sell your stolen vehicle.

Register Your Vehicle in the Catch Auto Thieves (CAT) Program with the Milwaukee Police Department

If you do not drive your vehicle between the hours of 1 a.m. and 5 a.m. you may elect to register your vehicle for participation in this program. Once registered, you will be provided with a window sticker identifying your vehicle as a participating vehicle. Any officer observing your vehicle operating on the roadway between the specify hours is then authorized to stop it without further probable cause.

Photo of District 3 police station

Contact Us - MPD District 3

Captain Jeffrey Norman
2333 N 49th St
Milwaukee, WI 53210
Phone: 414-935-7234

Emergency - 911

(La Linea que no es de Emergencia es)

District numbers (414 area code)

Captain's Office- 935-7230

Lieutenant's Office- 935-7231

  • Day Shift-8 am to 4 pm
  • Early Shift-4 pm to 12 am
  • Late Shift-12 am to 8 am

Desk Sergeant's Office- 935-7232

Patrol Sergeant's Office- 935-7237

Community Liaison Office- 935-7972
Don't know who else to contact? Your Community Liaison Officers may be able to help you help yourself. Your Community Liaison Officers can help you start a Block Watch program, or deal with a long standing nuisance issue in your neighborhood.

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