Garage Burglary Prevention Tips

There has been an increase in the same type of garage burglaries in District Seven within the last month. There have been similar incidents where the unknown actor(s) will pry off the siding and cut a hole in the garage wall to gain entry. These crimes are generally happening during hours of darkness, from 8 PM to 7 AM. Garabage carts have also been moved to conceal the actor(s). 

For many of our residents their garage access is thru an alley rather than a driveway. Garages that abut an alley generally make an easier target because cars can freely pull up to them, alleys are not as well lit as streets and there is a distance between the garage and the house. Just like your house, there are many valuable items in your garage that thieves want. 

These are three of our most proven crime prevention tips for your garage. 

The first one is to invest in a baby monitor. A baby monitor is sensitive enough to pick up any type of noises that the burglar would make trying to get into your garage. The noises heard should alert the homeowner to go and investigate, turn on lights and scare off the intruder. 

It is strongly suggested to run cable locks thru your lawn mower, snow blower, bicycles, etc and run the cable through an eye bolt in one of your garage building studs. The majority of our burglars are looking for the quick grab and go items and would not be carrying bolt cutters to cut off the chains and locks.

It is also important to mark your property with your driver's license number. This program, called Operation Identification, is being offered through our Community Liaison Office to interested residents. 

You are our best resource to catch these garage burglar(s). Be extra diligent in your neighborhood, paying particular attention to unknown cars driving slowly thru the alleys, unusual loud noises at odd hours of the night, dogs barking, etc. If something looks suspicious please call 911 and report what you saw. We have squads dedicated to catching these individuals.

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