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Assistant Chief Carianne Yerkes was appointed to the Department as a Police Aide in 1991 and has held the ranks of Police Officer, Police Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, Deputy Inspector and Inspector. In February of 2016, Assistant Chief Yerkes was promoted to her current rank and commands the Risk Management Bureau.  Assistant Chief Yerkes has worked in many areas of the department including patrol, investigations, and administrative functions. Assistant Chief Yerkes holds an Associates Degree in Police Science, Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management, and a Masters Degree in Public Service from Marquette University. In 2011, Assistant Chief Yerkes attended the Senior Management Institute for Police in Boston, Massachusetts. She is an active member and a facilitator of the Department’s Crisis Intervention Team since 2005 and received the Departments Distinguished Service Award in 2009 for commitment and dedication to the Crisis Intervention Team. Assistant Chief Yerkes is married and has two children.