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Assistant Chief William Jessup was promoted to his current rank in February 2016 and is in charge of the Investigations and Intelligence Bureau.  His command includes North Investigations, South Investigations, Metropolitan Investigations, Sensitive Crimes, Narcotics, Investigative Management, and the Intelligence Fusion Center.  Jessup joined the Milwaukee Police Department in 1990 and was initially assigned to the Fifth District where he worked as a Patrol Officer and a Vice Control Officer.  During his career, he received promotions to the ranks of Detective and Lieutenant and he served in various assignments in all three of the Divisions within the Criminal Investigaiton Bureau (Property, Persons, and Homicide).  He was promoted to the rank of Captain of Police in March 2009 and was assigned to the Neighborhood Policing Bureau where he commanded MPD's Seventh District.  In March 2013, Jessup was promoted to Inspector and commanded the Risk Management and Specialized Investigation Bureaus.  Assistant Chief Jessup holds a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice Management and Masters degree in Public Administration from Concordia University.  In addition, he has continued his formal education through courses such as Leadership in Police Organizations, Northwestern University's School of Police Staff & Command, and the Senior Management Institute for Police in Boston, Massachusetts.