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Inspector Thomas Stigler currently serves in the Investigations and Intelligence Bureau since his promotion in February 2016.  He started his career in law enforcement in 1985 working for a suburban police department and joined the Milwaukee Police Department in 1990.  As a patrol officer he worked in Districts One and Three.  He was promoted to detective in 1994 and investigated violent crimes and homicides before being promoted to lieutenant in 1998.  During his 15 years as a lieutenant he supervised several divisions including the former Vice Control Division, Violent Crimes Division, and the Homicide Division.  Chief Flynn promoted him to Captain in June 2013 and assigned him to command the Fifth District.  With his strong experience in investigations and community based policing, he is committed to working in partnership with the community to reduce the level of crime, fear and disorder.   Stigler graduated from the Senior Management Institute for Police in 2014.