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Captain Paul Formolo

Captain Paul Formolo has been a member of the Milwaukee Police Department since December 2nd, 1996. Captain Formolo was assigned to District 4 as a patrol officer until he was promoted to the rank of detective in September 2001. A vast majority of Captain Formolo’s time as a detective was committed to investigating homicides. Captain Formolo was then promoted to lieutenant in February 2013. After Captain Formolo was promoted to lieutenant he was assigned to District 7 as a shift supervisor until April 2015. Captain Formolo was then assigned to the Neighborhood Task Force from April 2015 through October 2015. Captain Formolo’s last assignment as a lieutenant was at the Metropolitan Investigations Division. Captain Formolo served as a lieutenant for the Metropolitan Investigations Division until August 2016, which is when he took on the duties and responsibilities of acting captain for the Metropolitan Investigations Unit. Captain Formolo was formally promoted to captain in May 2017 and assigned to command the South Investigations Division.